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Respite Care Everyone needs a rest, a holiday or just a break from routine.

Everyone needs a rest, a holiday or just a break from routine. This can sometimes be difficult to achieve if you are a fulltime Carer. Wall Hill offers, subject to availability. Respite Care, Weekend or a Midweek break. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Wall Hill, telephone 01538 399807 should you require any further information

Philosophy of care


We will strive to produce a caring environment for Residents, carers and staff. This will be based on providing flexible personal care and support which is appropriate to the individual’s assessed needs.

• Maintain the residents independence for as long as practicably possible.

• Promote respect and meet the rights of the individual without discrimination, With regard to choice, independence, dignity respect and privacy.

• Form integral partnerships with other services to deliver a whole care package.

• Minimise stress within the home situation by being carers to one another thereby Producing greater job satisfaction, boosting morale and maintaining exceedingly High standards of care.

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