Our Aims

Aims and objectives


To provide personal centred care to Residents embracing their independence, integrity and dignity.

To provide personal care to Residents that may include washing, bathing, dressing, feeding and hygiene etc. needs.

To ensure that the mental health needs (counseling, community psychiatric nurse, etc) and physical needs (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc) are provided to the Resident through the support from their own doctors and practice services.

To ensure that preventative health is carried out wherever possible (vaccinations, mobility exercises, etc)

To ensure that the Residents are living home from home and not just existing by creating a homely, caring and friendly environment to enable them to live as they wish.

To have visitors whenever they desire. This may include meal times and whenever possible, by prior arrangement, visitors may also dine with us.

To have such privacy as they desire.

To encourage the pursuit of the Resident’s religious beliefs, by attending church or other institutions.

To pursue leisure and activities as the Resident so wishes.

Staff will assist Residents where necessary, but to act primarily to help each Resident maintain as active and independent life as possible

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