Around Wall Hill:

Your bedroom will be fully furnished to a high standard and all bed linen, towels, pillows, face cloths, etc. will be provided. Room sizes vary From 10.5m2 to 16.5m2 There are a total of 33 bedrooms at Wall Hill -9 Single ensuite rooms on ground floor ,22 Single ensuite rooms on first floor, 1 Single room and 1 Double room on first floor. Each bedroom has a television point and access to a telephone line. All first floor rooms can be accessed from the lift or by the stairs. There are three main lounge areas and a large dining room that may also be used for other activities. There are adapted toilet facilities in all ensuites and throughout the home. There is full wheelchair access and handrails both in and around Wall Hill.

You may wish to bring certain items of furniture, which will be accommodated for wherever possible. You are encouraged to bring any pictures, ornaments and personal items that will give your room a homely feel.

Settling into your new home:

We understand that not everyone settles into residential care immediately and regard the first few weeks as a trial period in which to get to know each other.

You and your relatives are welcome to discuss any needs or concerns with us.

You are encouraged to retain your own general practitioner where possible. Alternatively we can arrange for you to be transferred to a doctor of your choice.

We can arrange for a private physiotherapist, chiropodist, dentist, audiologist and optician to visit Wall Hill whenever needed. We can provide an escort and transport service for any appointments outside Wall Hill to the hospital, etc.

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